Zei : The new tool to promote our CSR actions


Our CSR approach expands a little more each year and remains a central element of our strategy. To manage it effectively, it was necessary to equip ourselves with a tool to measure, improve and communicate our CSR actions. It was only natural that we opted for Zei: a simple, visual, complete solution that provides valuable CSR expertise.


We use Zei to meet several needs:

  • Manage our indicators,
  • Progress in our actions,
  • Make our approach participatory,
  • AND promote our commitments.


Our Zei profile is now available online and allows us to transparently promote our indicators to our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Find out at the following link (In French only) : Provepharm - check out their CSR profile - Zei (zei-world.com), by scanning the QRCode above or simply typing "ProvePharm + Zei" on any search engine.


See you soon on our Zei Profile !


A great tool to make our CSR issues and our global approach accessible to all our stakeholders. In short, thanks to Zei, we transform our good actions into performance indicators !

Joséphine Garzino CSR project manager

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