Our History

An entrepreneurial and human adventure

More than 20 years of experience and continuous growth

<p><strong>[1998]</strong></p> <p>Foundation of Provence Technologies, a&nbsp;<strong>research and development chemistry laboratory</strong>, resulting from the association of the 2 founding partners: Michel FERAUD and Christophe BARALOTTO. The company operates as a subcontractor for biotechnological companies and international pharmaceutical groups. The company thus builds its reputation in different fields such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and agrochemicals.</p>
<p><strong>[SINCE 2003]</strong></p> <p>Given its solid financial structure, Provence Technologies launches several internal research programs. One of them concerns a new process for the synthesis of methylene blue, which led to&nbsp;<strong>the filing of a international patent in 2006.</strong>&nbsp;A year later, in 2007, Provepharm, a subsidiary of Provence Technologies, was founded to develop and commercialize this product.</p>
<p><strong>[2011]</strong></p> <p><strong>Obtains a Centralized Marketing Authorization</strong>&nbsp;paving the way for the commercialization of Proveblue<sup>®</sup>&nbsp;in the 30 countries of the enlarged European Union: the authorities recognize patient benefit of Proveblue<sup>®</sup>.</p> <p>Thus, Michel FERAUD, co-inventor with Babak SAYAH of this patent, also becomes President and builds a team of professionals as well as a committee of internationally renowned experts.</p>
<p><strong>[2014]</strong></p> <p>The group acquires a company specialized in the<strong>chemical synthesis of peptides and proteins for therapeutic use.</strong>&nbsp;This operation opens a new development path for the company in the field of biological pharmaceutical products.</p>
<p><strong>[2016]</strong></p> <p>An important milestone is reached: Provepharm&nbsp;<strong>obtains FDA approval&nbsp;</strong>to commercialize ProvayBlue<sup>™</sup>, its Injectable Methylene Blue.</p>
<p><strong>[2017]</strong></p> <p>The company becomes&nbsp;<strong>Provepharm Life Solutions</strong>&nbsp;and launches its new brand identity. The adventure continues!</p>
<p><strong>[2018]</strong></p> <p>Provepharm Life Solutions joins forces with&nbsp;<strong>new strategic partners</strong>,&nbsp;<a href="https://www.archimed.fr/" rel="noopener" target="_blank">A</a><a href="http://www.archimed-group.eu/" rel="noopener" target="_blank">rchiMed</a>&nbsp;et&nbsp;<a href="https://www.tethysinvestments.com/" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Téthys Invest</a>.</p>
<p><strong>[2019]</strong></p> <p>Obtains a&nbsp;<strong>42.5 M€ syndicated loan.</strong></p> <p><strong>Inauguration of the pilot plant</strong>&nbsp;located at Château Gombert, Marseille, head office.</p>
<p><strong>[2020]</strong></p> <p>Provepharm Life Solutions acquires <strong>Apollo Pharmaceuticals USA</strong>,&nbsp;a company specialized in sterile injectable products with high added-value, to continue its growth in the United States.&nbsp;<a href="https://www.provepharm.com/en/news/provepharm-life-solutions-acquires-apollo-pharmaceuticals-usa">Read more.</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>[2021]</strong></p> <p>Provepharm Life Solutions raises €120 million and enables the pharmaceutical group to reach a decisive milestone in the implementation of its Horizon 2025 strategic plan. <a href="https://www.provepharm.com/en/actualites/provepharm-life-solutions-raises-eu120-million">Read more.</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The company evolves its appearance and launches its new brand identity. This new graphic design brings together innovation, commitment and modernity, in line with our growth. <a href="https://www.provepharm.com/en/actualites/provepharm-life-solutions-revitalizes-its-identity-discover-it">Read more.&nbsp;</a></p>
<p><strong>[2022]</strong></p> <p>Obtained a <strong>Marketing Authorization</strong> (MA) <strong>in France and the US</strong> for a new product: <strong>Provingo / Bludigo</strong>, indigo carmine solution for injection. <a href="https://www.provepharm.com/en/actualites/provepharm-receives-fda-marketing-approval-us-bludigo-its-indigo-carmine-injection-drug">Read more.</a></p>

You are about to leave the Provepharm Corporate website. If you continue you will reach the website of our US subsidiary which information is not necessarily applicable to France.

You are about to leave the Provepharm Corporate website. If you continue you will reach the website of our UK subsidiary which information is not necessarily applicable to France.