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The website is published by PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS SA.


Head Office:
Provepharm Life solutions
22, rue Marc Donadille - 13013 Marseille, France
Identification Number: Marseille Trade Register RCS Marseille 418165460
Capital: € 1,225,120.00
VAT Number: FR48 418165460
Siret Number: 41816546000035
APE Code: 7211Z


Director of publication: M. Michel Féraud
Phone: + 33 (0)
Email: is hodtes by Altinea
9 rue du Faubourg 39570 Nogna, FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0)


Personal Data

The Website presents the activities of PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS and its subsidiaries.

It allows any user to send an email to PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS via the contact forms to report any information regarding the use of PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS products or for any other request.

To enable the processing of these requests, the User must communicate Personal Data that is collected, processed and protected in accordance with this privacy policy.


1 - Definitions

PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS : a limited-liability company with a board of directors registered at the Marseille Trade and Companies Register under the number 418 165 460, residing at 22, Rue Marc Donadille - 13013 Marseille, represented by Mr Michel Féraud.

  • Website: website accessible via 
  • User: any natural or legal person, professional or not, adult and able to enter into a contract, who browses the Website and in particular who contacts PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS via the forms provided for this purpose on the Website. 
  • Personal Data: personal data that directly or indirectly identifies a natural person within the meaning of the regulations in force. 
  • Privacy Policy: this document details how Personal Data is processed. 
  • Subsidiary: affiliated company of PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS.


2 - Personal Data Collection form

  • Which Personal Data is collected and why?

To send an email to PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS, via the “Contact" forms, the User must provide certain types of information as indicated on the form. The information identified with an asterisk is mandatory, the other informations are optional.

In the context of pharmacovigilance reports or medical information, when the User notifies information on behalf of another person and communicates information concerning the latter, the User undertakes that such other person has been informed of the communication of his/her Personal Data and his/her rights.


Any User who does not want to provide the necessary information indicated as mandatory will not be able to send an email to PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS.

  • Purposes and Legal Basis:
    • The information collected through the “Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information” forms allows for the processing (including the collection, recording, documentation, transmission, storage) of reports of a side effect, an issue concerning the quality of a medical device or a medicine or responding to any request for medical information made by the User and the management of contacts with the latter. This treatment is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation.
    • The information collected via the other forms allows the processing of requests from the User, the monitoring/follow-up of exchanges with the latter and the constitution and management of a contacts’ file. This processing is done to meet the User’s request (and if necessary for the execution of pre-contractual measures taken at the request of the latter) and for the legitimate interests of PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS within the framework of its commercial activity.


  • Processing of Personal data

Personal Data are subject to computer processing by PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS for the purposes outlined above.


PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS undertakes not to use them in another frame, nor to transmit them to third parties, except as provided below or with the express agreement of the User.


Recipients and subcontractors: in accordance with the purposes set out above, the Personal Data of Users may be transmitted to the staff of PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS concerned by the request or Subsidiaries if they are concerned by the Users’s request, who can contact the User directly. In particular, the company PROVEPHARM SAS (its authorized staff) is the recipient of requests related to pharmacovigilance and medical information.


The information collected through the “Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information” form will be sent by PROVEPHARM SAS to the competent authorithies, the providers in charge of the management of these issues on behalf of PROVEPHARM SAS located in the European Union and the United Kingdom and, as applicable, to the relevant distributor of the products. Requests concerning the United States may be transmitted to that country to allow PROVEPHARM SAS to comply with its obligations in accordance with the laws in force.


The User acknowledges that the processing of his/her Personal Data by Subsidiaries or external recipients is carried out by them, under their responsibility and according to their own personal data protection policy, as data controller. That being said, Subsidiaries agree to abide by the terms of this Privacy Policy.


PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS may also be required to communicate Personal Data to third parties in the context of compliance with a legal obligation, at the request of a judicial or public authority, or pursuant to a judicial, administrative decision, or an independent administrative authority.


In compliance with the purposes set out above, the User’s Personal Data of the may also be communicated to suppliers of PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS acting as subcontractors (such as its host or its courier provider). PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS takes all measures to require these suppliers to comply with applicable regulations and, where appropriate, that transfers outside the European Union are based on an adequate level of protection or sufficient safeguards.


  • Conservation and archiving:
    • The Personal Data collected via the “Pharmacovigilance” form concerning Pharmacovigilance requests are kept for a period of 10 years from the date of expiry of the marketing authorization of the applicable product then are archived in an anonymized form.
    • The Personal Data collected via the “Medical Information” form concerning Pharmacovigilance requests are kept for a period of 10 years from the date of expiry of the request then are archived in an anonymized form.
    • The Personal Data collected via the “Business” form are kept for a period of 3 years from the last contact from the User, for the purpose of managing the contacts file and, where appropriate, prospecting.
    •  If applicable, the Personal Data are archived from the date of termination of the contractual relationship between PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS and the User for the time necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of a right in court (prescription period).


PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS makes its best efforts to store and archive this Personal Data under appropriate security conditions in accordance with the applicable provisions, according to the current state of the art.


  • Which rights apply to the Personal Data Communicated?
    •  Anyone who has communicated Personal Data to PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS using the contact form has the following rights:
      • A right of access and rectification;
      • A right to the erasure of data, a right to the restriction of the processing, a right to object to the processing and right to obtain the portability of the raw data provided to PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS in the cases envisaged by the regulation in force;
      • The right to define guidelines regarding the fate of his/her personal data following his/her death;
      • The right to lodge a complaint with the competent authority (in particular the CNIL in France).

These rights can be exercised by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at


For the avoidance of doubt, regarding pharmacovigilance and adverse effects reporting, since such processing is based upon a legal obligation of PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS, the rights to erasure, objection and data portability are not applicable.


3 - Cookies

Cookies (files containing information relating to the User’s browsing on the Website) are stored and read on the computer or the device used during the visit. The deposit of cookies other than those necessary for navigation on the Website (or analytics cookies benefiting from an exemption of consent) is subject to the prior consent of the User, requested by means of the banner provided for this purpose. The User may withdraw his consent at any time via the cookie manager included in the banner.

4 - Final provisions

•    Links: Websites directly or indirectly accessible from links provided on the Website are not under the control of PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS. Therefore, the latter disclaims any liability with respect to the content of these third party websites.
•    Copy: The texts written on are the property of their authors. The texts and the photos are the property of PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS. Beyond the legal obligations, the information can be modified at any time.

You are about to leave the Provepharm Corporate website. If you continue you will reach the website of our US subsidiary which information is not necessarily applicable to France.

You are about to leave the Provepharm Corporate website. If you continue you will reach the website of our UK subsidiary which information is not necessarily applicable to France.