We are now Provepharm Life Solutions.
Our new name better captures our new ambition.

> Who we are

We are PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS, a truly unique life sciences research and pharma company, dedicated to a new era of discovery. We are a new global leader in human health with new Life Solutions, manufactured and developed from our core technology: Molecule Vitalization. As PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS, we are building a new powerhouse for Research Services, Manufacturing Services and Speciality Care. Our values are human. And our minds are open. We believe that changing the world isn’t just a dream. It’s our mandate. And we’re here to prove it.

> Our mission

At PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS we do Molecule Vitalization. Molecule Vitalization can turn existing molecules into new treatments with new promise. Molecule Vitalization can make old molecules new again. Vitalization can shorten the development
of new drugs not by months, but by decades.
Vitalization can cut down on new drug development costs. It redefines purity standards, maximizes
therapeutic potential, and uncovers new therapeutic properties. It provides a new strategy for Life.

We're here to prove it





It’s not beautiful...
until it’s improved

There’s an old expression that
there’s nothing new under the sun.

This may or may not be true,
but at Provepharm, we believe that there’s infinite untapped potential in the things that already exist.

Just like medicinal plants, medicinal molecules have hidden properties waiting to be discovered.

And we think that’s a beautiful thing.

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our life solutions

Our Speciality Care Products

At PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS, we provide innovative speciality care products for hospitals.

Intensive care products like antidotes

> Methylthioninium chloride Proveblue 5 mg/ml solution for injection (Registered at EMA : SPC & Leaflet, HAS Transparency Committee)

> ProvayBlue® Methylene blue (registered at FDA: SPC)

> Proveblue methylene blue 50 mg/10 mL injection ampoule (at registered at TGA: SPC),

> Proveblue Solution for injection 50 mg/10mL (Registered at Medsafe: SPC)

Operating room product as surgical marker for visualization

> Provedye® 0.5% Methylene Blue (CE-Marked Class IIa Instruction for use)

Our Research and Manufacturing services

At PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS, we vitalize pharmaceutical and cosmetic research programs in small molecules and peptide chemistry. We add value to our clients’ preclinical and clinical projects at every step from process research through development to market. For all collaboration, our strength is to act as our clients’ labs.

Small Molecules: Route scouting, custom synthesis, impurity isolation and characterization, process optimization for pilot scale, full package development prior to GMP production.
       > Heterocyclic chemistry, nucleosides, sugar chemistry, macrocycles
Peptides: Drug product pre-formulation, supply of ready for use experimental batches,
API GMP production, supply of finished product for clinical trials, one-stop shop.
       > Peptide-based vaccines, Multi-epitope polypeptide (one shot or ligation),
MAP construction, Immuno-conjugated peptides (KLH, CRM) and folded, cyclic, stapled peptides.

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