Fine Chemistry

We offer small molecule design, synthesis and development services from R&D to clinical phases.

20 years
<p>experience as a fine chemistry CDMO</p>

Our Know-how

<ul> <li>Process development</li> <li>Process optimization</li> <li>Development of analytical methods</li> <li>Validation of analytical methods</li> <li>Production of technical batches</li> <li>API batch production</li> </ul>

Product Expertise

<ul> <li>Heterocycle Chemistry</li> <li>Nucleoside Chemistry</li> <li>Dyes</li> </ul>

Working on a production site at the cutting edge of technology is a real opportunity for the teams

<p>These new reactors constitute a state-of-the-art pilot unit. This unit is designed to produce the active principles of Provepharm Life Solutions in an environment that meets the most demanding international requirements. These first synthesized quantities will thus enable the filing of registration applications for the group's drugs worldwide.</p>
<p>Provepharm Life Solutions is able to develop and validate internally its active ingredient syntheses. The process is then perfectly reproducible and transferable under license to all industrial partners.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The move is both quantitative, as developments are being made with 600-liter reactors (a hundred times more than the previous 6-liter reactors) and above all qualitative, as Provepharm Life Solutions is now able to produce its active principles labeled Good Manufacturing Practice.</p>

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