Our Values


Our values reflect our identity, our ambitions and embody our corporate culture. They characterize us and are expressed through the daily actions of all of our teams, and they also link us to our main stakeholders.

We have chosen to rely on recognized professionals who, beyond their expertise, share the group's founding values: commitment, integrity and audacity.


Every day, the women and men of Provepharm
share these 3 values:



We are all invested in the long-term success of our company, through our desire to satisfy our customers in all the regions where we are present. Individually, we give our best in order to collectively achieve excellence to improve patients’ lives. This COMMITMENT is also demonstrated through the group’s social initiatives, the ultimate expression of our values and our sense of sharing.

<p><em>"Dedicating ourselves to do something “extra” each day to achieve our goals will lead to our business success and the realization of improved health for the patients we serve."</em></p> <p><strong>Mary-Jane</strong>,<br /> <strong>Executive Vice-President&nbsp;&amp; COO of Provepharm US organization</strong></p>



We act with honesty, transparency and sincerity in a spirit of mutual respect that drives us to make the right choices in any situation. We are committed to acting with INTEGRITY and to conduct ourselves beyond compliance with laws and regulations, as a responsible player. In a spirit of authenticity, we build and maintain trust in relationships with all stakeholders.

<p><em>"Working in trust with all of our stakeholders, including our business partners, suppliers and colleagues is key to maintaining good long-term relationships. We must act sincerely in a spirit of mutual respect."</em></p> <p><strong>Emilie</strong>,<br /> <strong>Purchasing Manager<br /> of Provepharm Life Solutions</strong></p>



We believe that it is by encouraging everyone to unlock their energy and potential that the collective achieves its best performance. To surpass ourselves, to dare to go beyond the framework, to refuse the status quo and to push the limits further and further, in order to achieve operational excellence. It also means supporting and encouraging innovators and the AUDACITY of new paths that have always been the key to our successes.

<p><em>"In our field of activity, we are constantly confronted with demands for new solutions, for the benefit of our customers and patients. To meet these challenges, in a highly competitive and highly regulated environment, we must be creative, curious and daring in our approach."</em></p> <p><strong>Babak,<br /> Director of Chemical Development<br /> of Provepharm Life Solutions</strong></p>

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