Provepharm Life Solutions calls upon Lemon Tri to Recycle More and Better


In order to strengthen its environmental approach, Provepharm has decided to call on a French recycling expert: Lemon Tri.

Behind the new sorting garbage cans recently installed on our premises, there is a complete CSR approach that largely echoes our own:

  • An approach for the integration of people who are far from employment: the collection is carried out by the employees in integration;
  • A contribution to the development of the local circular economy: one person's waste is another person's resource;
  • A program of accompaniment and sensitization around the reduction of waste;
  • A strong territorial impact: the waste is sorted and packaged in warehouses in Marseilles and sent to French recycling channels, in short circuits.

In addition, Lemon Tri provides us with tools to manage our environmental performance: quantity of waste collected, quality of sorting, benefits of our sorting (water, energy, Co2 saved), number of working hours generated in integration, and treatment channels used to recycle our waste.


A project recently launched in the company, but which has already convinced employees of the merits of this initiative. In the months to come, Provepharm will be able to evaluate the concrete benefits of the sorting implemented within its buildings.