Freediving World Record: Arnaud Jerald descends to 112 meters in the deep blue!


It was in the waters of Kalamata, Greece, that the Provepharm Life Solutions protégé beat the world record in bi-fins, at a depth of 112 meters.


At 9:30 a.m. French time, Arnaud falls in the depths for 3 minutes 24 seconds to come out holding the world record at only 24 years old! The objective was clear: to beat the world record that had just been set the day before by Russian world star Alexey Molchanov, who had descended to 111 meters the day before.


The man from Marseilles managed to improve his performance by one meter: "It changed a lot of things, I passed a milestone, this one goes beyond sport, it teaches me to know who I am, in anger, sadness, joy. There were a lot of twists and turns, I went five times to 111 m and going down to these depths is very committed."


Provepharm's teams are proud to support Arnaud, he shares the company's fundamental values and in particular the audacity to go to these great depths.