Provepharm gets national award Biotech and Health Deloitte

The company specialized in the development of pharmaceutical applications also received the 3rd prize of the Mediterranean Awards , which rewards growth over 2000 percent over 5 years

Provepharm receipt the Biotech and Health National Award Deloitte Technology Fast 50.
This award, which the company receives for the first time, recognizes technology companies (SMEs) the fastest growth over the past five years in various sectors.

Provepharm won the 3rd prize of the Mediterranean Awards, ranks 16th nationally and 72nd internationally Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA.

The company has grown exponential 2,144 percent over the past five years, thanks to its innovative R & D programs and strategic partnerships with international companies in Europe and Japan.

" Being one of the top technology companies with high growth is a impressive feat. Congratulations to Provepharm to appear in the Top Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and its exceptional rate of growth over of 2,000 percent over five years, "says Arianne Bucaille , Associate Manager Technology Fast 50 Deloitte.