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- Provepharm’s Proveblue® Methylene Blue drug substance achieves full compliance with the latest US and European pharmacopoeial standards. USP & Ph. Eur. Methylene Blue standards for medicinal applications are updated.
Press release November 21, 2016

- Provepharm receives FDA approval for marketing of ProvayBlue™ (methylene blue) Injection. ProvayBlue™ is the first approved methylene blue injection in the United states.
Press release May 11, 2016
- Provepharm announces that its Japanese partner Daiichi Sankyo, Co. Ltd., has received approval for the marketing in Japan of the Methylene Blue Injection medicinal product, made out of Proveblue® Methylene Blue active substance."
Press release January 7, 2015
- Provepharm and Dr Franz Köhler Chemie partner to provide “Methylthioninium chloride Proveblue solution for injection” to Germany.
Press release June 16, 2014
- Provepharm continues its international expansion by signing three new distribution agreements in Europe.
Press release July 4, 2012
- Provepharm announces impressive trading and financial results for 2011.
Press release February 16, 2012
- Provepharm signs license agreement with Daiichi Sankyo to provide “Methylthioninium chloride Proveblue, Solution for injection” to Japan.
Press release November 29, 2011
- Martindale Pharma® and Provepharm partner to provide “Methylthioninium chloride Proveblue solution for injection” to the UK and Ireland. First fully European Pharmacopeia standard methylthioninium chloride available in the UK and Ireland.
Press release November 27, 2011
- Provepharm obtains European Marketing Authorization for its Methylthioninium Chloride Proveblue. Some of the world’s leading drug companies have already shown an interest in Proveblue™.
Press release May 24, 2011
- Provepharm Receives Favorable EMA Review of its Methylthioninium Chloride Proveblue.
Press release March 11, 2011
- Provepharm announces acceptance of Proveblue injectable drug MAA for review under EMEA centralized procedure and validation by Novasep of API cGMP process. Provepharm’s methylthioninium chloride “Proveblue®” dramatically decreases risk posed by dangerous impurities in methylene blue and opens way for use in applications including methemoglobinemia, urinary infections and malaria.
Press release February 11, 2010
- Provence Technologies acquires Synprosis, a company specialized in the chemical synthesis of peptides and proteins for therapeutic use. The acquisition strengthens Provence Technologies’ expertise in its core business of therapeutic chemistry.
Press release June 2, 2014
- Provence Technologies and Provepharm invest EUR 4 million in their new head office.
Press release January 27, 2014
- Provence Technologies and Provepharm get the Empl’itude label for their efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility.
Press release March 6, 2013

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