Provepharm is a French pharmaceutical company dedicating in the development and the valorization of APIs and Drug Products world wide.

Provepharm is a subsidiary of the Provence Technologies group that is specialized in the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical drug products derived from active substances synthesized and patented by its parent company Provence Technologies.

Anticipating the pharmaceutical industry’s needs, Provepharm started by adopting a strategy of repositioning and rehabilitating known compounds in new indications. This development strategy was designed to cater for the growing demand for active substances that comply with current quality demands.

The Group recognized the pharmaceutical industry trend to explore more compounds in new indications and its increasing need for accessing such APIs at the required level of quality. Provepharm is seeking to confirm the properties of well known molecules in therapeutic indications.

Provepharm’s expertise is assured by a management team with extensive
experience in the international pharmaceutical industry.