Founded in 2007, Provepharm is an affiliated company of the Provence Technologies Group, devoted to developing and marketing pharmaceutical drug products from active pharmaceutical ingredients synthesized and patented by its parent company. Provepharm expertise is in experienced managers coming from the international pharmaceutical industry.
The company was established in order to create business value in pharmaceuticals thanks to R&D conducted by Provence Technologies.

Michel FERAUD, CEO and Co-founder Michel Féraud’s profile is that of a thinking-forward entrepreneur. In 1998, he founded Provence Technologies an externalized R&D laboratory specialized in fine chemistry. He is the President of this privately-owned company and co-inventor of the patent on Methylene Blue. In 2007, he founded PROVEPHARM which he is leads as President. He attracted a number of experienced professionals who are equally motivated to re-develop this molecule as a fully compliant drug. Michel Feraud earned his PhD doctoral thesis in Organic Chemistry with honors and graduated from the University of Aix-Marseille III.

Christophe BARALOTTO, Co-founder earned his PhD doctoral thesis in Organic Chemistry from the University of Aix-Marseille III in 1997. Along with Michel Feraud, his long-lasting partner in a number of ventures, he co-founded Provence Technologies in 1998. The company’s success leads them to diversify their activities.